1Akachukwu, Esther E. , 2Adimonyemma, Ruffina N.

Department of Biology

1,2Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra State-Nigeria

International Journal of Research in Education (IJRE)

Oasis International Journal series

Vol. 1 No. 1 December 2016

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This study investigated access to internet and socioeconomic background as correlates of students’ achievement in biology among selected Senior Secondary Schools in Oru East and Oru West Local Government Areas. The study adopted multi-stage sampling technique. Simple random sampling was used to select 30 students from each of the selected school in the two local governments. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select a sample of 300 students from various strata (school) chosen in the two local governments. Five research questions were answered. Descriptive Statistics, Pearson Moment Correlation and Multiple regressions were used to analyse the data gathered. The study observed that, 67.7% of the students have access to the internet (two-third of the sample). A positive but not significant relationship exists between access to internet and students’ achievement in biology (r = 0.110 and p>0.05). There is a positive and significant relationship between socio-economic background and students’ achievement in biology (r = 0.515 and p<0.01). Furthermore, relationship between socio-economic background and access to internet is not significant (r = 0.040 and p>0.05).

Keywords: Biology, Socioeconomic, Academic, Achievement, Internet, Access.


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